Advertising law


Advertising law is the law that governs the way that businesses & and their affiliates advertise and market their goods and services. There are many rules and regulations for advertising and Press Start Legal helps their clients to stay on the right side of the complicated area of law. At its core the goal of advertising law is to keep advertising fair and accurate.

The Federal Trade Commission creates the laws and regulations for advertising. One of these regulations is directly at false and deceptive advertising. The law bars companies from making false claims which are not evidence-based and false. Additionally, FTC can enforce penalties against companies for the actions of their affiliates! Recently, YouTube Gamers and video game publisher Warner Bros. came under fire by the FTC for failing to disclose that Warner Bros. paid YouTube Gamers for positive video game reviews for their recent Lord of The Rings game.

The fact that these Youtubers failed to properly disclose they were compensated by Warner Bros. led FTC to fine Warner Bros. several millions of dollars for each violation. Recently, the FTC announced its plans to start looking into social media influencers if they properly disclose their relationship with the companies they promote.

Press Start Legal can provide guidance to our clients regarding advertising and marketing to ensure they are complying with the latest laws and regulations. We want to help prevent our clients from accidentally violating advertising law or becoming a victim of the actions of their affiliates and influencers. Press Start Legal can review your marketing and advertising plans, affiliate agreements, claims, labels, and other marketing materials to make sure they are in good standing with the law.