Contracts are legally binding and enforceable agreements between two or more parties. When each party formally consents to the terms of the contract, he, she, or it is obligated to adhere to the terms of the contract. If a party fails to fulfill his, her, or its contractual obligations, then he, she, or it, can be sued for a breach of contract. Contract law applies to many different types of contracts. This can include written contracts, oral contracts, and other types of contracts.

The industries our clients operate in demand a wide range of contract drafting. Studios/Developers/Publisher may require licensing agreements, work for hire independent contractor agreements, or employment agreements. While E-sports teams and players are going to need team contracts, revenue sharing deals, licensing agreements and more

Press Start Legal finds a lot of their Social Influencer clients don’t review or know what to review in their agreements with companies to promote their products. These contracts may contain various non-compete provisions that without legal review may subject you to liability if breached, even if breached unintentionally.

Whether it’s drafting a new contract or reviewing an existing one you can trust Press Start Legal to provide accurate legal guidance. We will help you draft the ideal contracts that fit the needs of your business and brand now and in the future. Additionally, we can help enforce existing contracts and if required, file suit for breach to protect you and your company.