Copyrights are very similar to trademarks. However, instead of providing a party with the exclusive rights to use a branding design, they give a party the exclusive rights to reproduce, publish, distribute, or sell a musical, literary, artistic, or other similar work. However, copyrights do not protect ideas or concepts. For example, as Game Developer you cannot copyright your games concept, but you can copyright the underlying code, artwork and sound, and only you/your company is legally entitled to reproduce that code/artwork/sound and to sell it to the public. Any other party who tries to do this would be in violation of copyright law and could be sued for infringement.

A great example of infringement is if someone attempted to create a new game but used one of your studios copyrighted characters, even though it’s not the same game because your studio owns the exclusive rights to that character then the new game creator is infringing on your copyright.

Press Start Legal is well versed in copyright law, we possess the required skill and knowledge to help you apply for a legally enforceable copyright for your work and enforce that copyright against parties who attempt to infringe upon your copyright. Additionally, Press Start Legal can help turn that copyrighted work into a profit making asset by drafting licensing agreements or transferring your copyright to another person/company.

In the modern era, it is very easy to reproduce and distribute literary, musical, and other works of art. So, it is necessary for you to have a good copyright lawyer to have the strongest possible protection from infringement. Don’t get stuck sleeping on your rights!