E-Sports recently saw one of the largest growth of any professional sports. What was once regarded by our parents as a waste of our time, with E-Sports Professional Video Game Players are now as popular as Rock Stars! In the United States alone, E-Sports have bloom to the creation of several high profile leagues with teams recruiting some of the best players in the world.

Players you are becoming the hottest commodity in this booming market! Your Gamer Tags are getting global recognition, sponsors are lining up at your door to give you free stuff and money, and you have teams blowing up your inbox for a chance for you to join them. Press Start Legal is your perfect partner to navigate what is becoming the wild west of professional gaming. Press Start Legal will negotiate the terms your deals with teams and sponsors, we will help you create and protect your brand and reputation, and assist you in getting incorporated to protect yourself and assets.

Teams, you are life blood of the leagues, it’s your t-shirts the fans are wearing, and it’s your name they are chanting. Now it’s time to protect your brand, and Press Start Legal can help. Whether it’s drafting agreements with players, sponsors and leagues, protecting your intellectual property and brand, or getting incorporated to protect your team’s assets, Press Start Legal is the perfect partner.

We understand the challenges both players and teams face in this booming professional sport. New leagues are popping up, new stadiums and arenas are growing and filling overnight, and with high profile celebrities and entrepreneurs are buying in, it’s time to choose Press Start Legal as your next teammate.