Online Content Creators / Social Media Influencer


Streamers, Youtubers, and Social Media Influencers, once you build your fan base and create your brand it’s time to start thinking about how to protect it. Protecting your brand and your fan base comes from protecting your trademarks, copyrighting your videos/photos/artworks/streams, entering and drafting contracts that’s assist in growth and will not damage your reputation, and making sure you have the rights to the intellectual property you are utilizing.

Fair use is a term widely tossed around, and most of the time by people who don’t understand what it actually means, or who it applies to. Just because your friend’s sister who is also a Youtuber said it was fair use to use that song, or just because you gave the original rights holder credit doesn’t protect you from a right holder seeking an infringement claim. Let the professionals at Press Start Legal guide you through the complicated legal issues that plague online content creators. We know what we are looking for and can help you prepare so you’re no long reacting to something bad but are taking an active role and protecting yourself now and in the future.

Another rising issue for Online Content Creators is contracting, sponsorships, and monetization of your content, and likeness. Don’t sign any agreement without having the team at Press Start Legal review the terms of any deal, and explain them to you fully to you can make an informed decision. Additionally, we will guide you through proper advertising disclosures required by government agencies, once that new Swimsuit Company starting paying you to wear their brand, you need to disclose it. Most importantly, we will help you incorporate and turn your passions into a legit legal business that you can grow!