Privacy law


Privacy law is the law that governs a person’s right to have his or her privacy and personal information protected. Privacy law covers medical privacy, financial privacy, online privacy, communication privacy, home privacy, and several types of privacy. Essentially, under US law, citizens have the right to a certain amount of privacy. This means that if a person has his or her privacy violated, then he or she can sue the party responsible for the breach of privacy. If the lawsuit is won, then damages can be collected to make the party whole again.

In our digital age, Privacy Law affects more than just a simple invasion of one’s personal identifiable information. The landscape evolved into companies providing more disclosures on how your data is collected and what for purposes. The EU put in place the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) one of the most protective laws ever put into place.

Here at Press Start Legal, we excel in providing our clients guidance in privacy law. We can assist you or your company in avoiding privacy law violations, navigate data breaches and notification requirements, create online/website privacy policies/terms and conditions/end-user agreements, review existing data protection policies, and draft and review agreement with third party vendors that house your customers and/or employees data.