A trademark is a symbol, design, word, logo, name, or a combination of these things which is used to label mark the products of a company so that they can be distinguished from the products of other companies. A Trademarks helps the public identify a particular the company or brand.

At Press Start Legal, we cannot stress the importance of trademarks and brand protection. Whether starting a new company, creating a new game, or launching your brand, a trademark is going to give you legal protection against parties who seek to ride the coattails of your hard work. Press Start Legal will assist in all aspects of Trademark law from creation, establishment, protection and enforcement. We work with individuals, seeking to register their GameTags, YouTube or Twitch Channel, or launching a new brand. We also work with large and small companies, e-sports teams/players/leagues, all looking to protect their intellectual property.

It is important to note that if you attempt to use a trademark which is too similar to that of another company or individual, then you may be liable for trademark infringement. Press Start Legal conducts extensive trademark searches to make sure that your trademark is unique before you file your trademark application. Additionally, Press Start Legal will protect your registered mark by either sending take down notices, cease and desist letters, or even litigation if necessary. Trademark infringement is a serious offense and it can result in harm to your company in the form of lost sales, and reputational damage.