Video Games

The interactive entertainment industry would not exist today without Video Games, and Video Games would not exist without the hard work and long hours of development studios and publishers. The sad reality of the video game industry is creators are repeatedly being stepped on and disregarded  without anyone standing up for their legal rights. Large, Small or micro game studios are watching their hard work getting stolen, replicated, and push out by others looking to make a name for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first game or your 100th, whether you’re a single person studio or a 500 employee company, you need a legal team who will fight for you.

Press Start Legal is the perfect partner for any video game studio or publisher. Let us assist you in creating the perfect plan to protect your intellectual property, create employment and independent contractor agreements, review publisher/development contract agreements, asset in getting your work on Mobile/PC/Console digital marketplaces such as Steam and Apple app store.

Additionally the team at Press Start Legal can create your websites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, review and draft end-user agreements, and so much more. Let us worry about the legal aspects of your business so you can get back to making great games.

This post is the first of a series looking at the two-sided issue of using the legal system to protect your player base that may result in a negative public reception.  Will you be viewed as the protector of your players or a greedy evil corporation looking for another revenue stream? In Part 1, we will explore the history and current events facing an industry that’s rapidly evolving.